Unimer Marine

Hook On Snubber (PAIR)

RRP £14.29 ~ £19.15


Perfect for day outings and mooring in natural harbours, Unimer Marine’s innovative Smart Snubber provides fast and efficient relief – and it even works when you’re already moored.

Since the Smart Snubber is fitted directly on to the line, it doesn’t require any free end of the line. This also makes for easy adjustments, either by repositioning or adding more Smart Snubbers to the same line.

The Smart Snubber is made of a polyurethane material that gives it long enduring elasticity in any weather, even after years of use.

With its small size and easy fitting, it’s also suitable for sheets, to cushion tugs and snatches.

Line Dimensions & Length
Up to 16 mm - 70 mm
Up to 20 mm - 87 mm