Technical Marine Supplies

Round Thimbles

RRP £8.76 ~ £35.99


TMS "Round Thimbles" have been designed to replace blocks in applications where the line passing through the centre is not constantly moving, because one line is effectively passing through a loop in another line, Round Thimbles add an extra safety dimension - if the thimble should fail the line is still captive and will not break free.

TMS round thimbles are manufactured out of a high grade aluminium and are anodised in red.

Applications Include: Backstay cascades, Kicker cascades, Jib clew control lines, Jib barber haulers and Tweakers



  • Central Hole Size:
  • Size 0: 6mm
  • Size 1: 10.5mm
  • Size 2: 14mm
  • Size 3: 16mm
  • Size 4: 19mm
  • Size 5: 21mm
  • Size 7: 33mm (Inhauler Ring)