S-Series 2-Speed Self-tailing Winch

RRP £811.00 ~ £3063.76


2-Speed Self-tailing Winches

A new work horse, already praised by both racing and cruising sailors after two years of sea trials. The interaction between the ART (asymmetric rib technology) drum and the self-tailer strikes the perfect balance of grip and function.

Tacking and gybing made easy

The S-series simplifies the manoeuvre of tacking and makes the handling of a highly loaded sheet
safer and quicker. The grip on the winch drum combined with a unique self-tailer enables the trimmer
to pull the slack out of the sheet with the line sitting in the self-tailer and with the winch handle in
position. A great advantage for the racing sailor who can pre-load the sheet into the self-tailer of the
windward winch prior to tacking and then sheet home and set the trim of the jib instantly on the new
tack. Simply pull in the slack and turn the handle a turn or two to get full tension. The cruising sailor
will appreciate simpler and safer manoeuvres by not having to hand hold a tensioned sheet whilst
trying to load it into the self-tailer and searching around for the winch handle.


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