Hydraulic Backstay Tensioner

RRP £2551.20


Hydraulic adjusters and vangs

Fast and convenient adjustment of the backstay and the vang is vital both for the racing sailor and
for the cruising sailor. Being able to tension the forestay, adjust the pre-bend of the mast and
control the power in the mainsail will make any boat point higher, sail faster and under better
control. Seldén has developed a range of hydraulic cylinders based on functional design, ease of
use, reliability and long service life. The rods are marine grade stainless steel and the cylinders black
anodized or clear anodized aluminium. The tensioners have long stroke making it possible to try out
different mast rakes.

Hydraulic Tensioners Integral (HTI)
Hydraulic Tensioners (HT) for Seldén control panels

• A 2-speed function permits fast tensioning until a pre-set pressure is obtained. Then the tensioner shifts down to low speed and reduced resistance in the handle. The level of pressure needed to gear down is easily adjusted to suit the individual trimmer.
• Available for Ø8 – 14 mm backstay wires (equals -17 to -40 rod).
• HTI: The gauge is at the top of the tensioner making it easy to check the achieved pressure (bar).
• Releasing the pressure is done by twisting the control of the release valve.
• An adjustable relief valve prevents overload.