Protect Tape

Laser ® Kit

RRP £54.17


Laser ® Kit gathers the above two items plus a selection of six CHAFE tapes for snug fit to the top and bottom mast sections, deck abrasion from the tiller, making more slippery the outhaul and finally some squared for the centre board.



  • Laser ® Kit contains:
  • 2 stripes, 500 micron, 51mm wide, 200mm long (PML001)
  • 2 disks, 1mm, diameter 65mm (PML002)
  • PCT125 17mm and 30mm, 2m long for snug fit of top and bottom sections of the mast (PML004)
  • PCT250 34mm, 150mm for the tiller abrasion
  • PCT250 150mm x 300mm for the outhaul
  • PCT250 5 squares 30 x 30mm for the centre board