Blue Ocean Dockline - Black or White

RRP £47.74 ~ £1469.96


The BLUE OCEAN DOCKLINE, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!

A first in the industry, this premium dockline is made from rPET (recycled polyester yarn)

This eco-conscious Dockline is made from recycled yarn, whilst also being recyclable at the end of its life. Available unspliced on reels and pre-spliced in 12-16mm diameters in lengths from 6m to 12m.

The unique construction offers the same popular attributes as Marlow’s regular Dockline, including good abrasion resistance and shock absorption with soft and supple flexibility and zero strength loss or shrinkage.

Available in black or white silver, both with a distinguishable Blue Ocean fleck. *Please observe the unique colour differences of the white silver - the colour can be seen as both a light grey/silver and as white depending on the light*

To look after your premium eco-friendly Dockline:

Wash saltwater out of your Dockline once every month by soaking it in a bucket of freshwater to remove the build up of saly crystals which can cause internal abrasion.
When storing your Dockline, keep it out of the sun and correctly coiled to avoid any unnecessary twist being added to the rope.
Splice instead of knot. A well spliced rope retains 90% strength whereas a knot can reduce strength by up to 50%.



  • Rope Diameter (mm): 12 14 16
  • Weight (Kg/100m): 9.94 12.4 16.2
  • Av. Breakload (Kg): 3610 4510 5860
  • Min. Breakload (Kg): 3,520 4,060 5,280
  • Breaking Load (kN): 35.4 44.3 57.5


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