Snap Shackle (Top Open) - Standard or Large Bail

RRP £40.62 ~ £95.02


hamma™ have directed immense energy and resources into reproducing the long discontinued, but universally popular Norseman Gibb Navtec snap shackle designs.

Available in the 3 original versions with the added reassurance of the impressive hamma™ break load ratings.

• Based on the Navtec Norseman Gibb (2522) shape and design
• 17-4PH electro-polished high tensile load stainless steel for higher breaking strains than standard stainless steel
• Top Opening
• Swivel Head for full rotation
• Standard and Large Bail options
• Simple plunger pin release with clevis ring for attaching a lanyard
• Ergonomic snap closure
• 3 sizes - length overall
• Size 1 64mm ~ Size 2 96.5mm ~ Size 3 124mm
• Top opening hinge prevents the snap shackle from getting hooked after release
• Specifically designed with the opening arm hinged at the top of the shackle head rather than on the side preventing the released arm from snagging on the line or clew you are trying to set free.
• Use for sheets, guys and control lines, but not for halyards.