Snap Shackle (Side Open) - Standard Bail Only

RRP £39.96 ~ £89.06


hamma™ have directed immense energy and resources into reproducing the long discontinued, but universally popular Norseman Gibb Navtec snap shackle designs.

Available in the 3 original versions with the added reassurance of the impressive hamma™ break load ratings.

• Based on Navtec Norseman Gibb (2572) design
• 17-4PH electro-polished high tensile load stainless steel for higher breaking strains than standard stainless steel
• Side Opening
• Swivel Head for full rotation
• Standard bail only
• 3 sizes - length overall
• Size 1 64mm ~ Size 2 96.5mm ~ Size 3 124mm
• Suitable for all control lines, but primarily the optimum choice for a halyard shackle