UTR Trigger Style Ends

RRP £111.26 ~ £185.12



Represents the cutting edge in spinnaker pole end fitting technology. Designed for high strength, very light weight and resistance to wear and corrosion the Ultra Series™ composite end fitting is perfect for aluminium or carbon fibre spinnaker poles and whisker poles. The Ultra Series™ is the salior's choice for inshore and offshore racing and cruising. Available with or without triggers. Maximum LOA Boat Outboard End - 43'. Maximum LOA Boat Inboard End - 36'. All larger boats use GP Series. See also: Size Recommendation Guide by length or boat model, Spinnaker poles, Spinnaker pole kits, Line Control Whisker Poles, Lock Repair Kits, and Twist Lock Poles For Boats To 28’. *Trip line is Spectra™ with terminal eye strap included. Length is sufficient for standard pole lengths based on diameter.

Anti-rotational pin with TRIGGER BALL allows you to retract
trigger end without using pole bridle. All UTR 3 & 3.5 trigger style ends have adjustable spring tension screw.



  • All Ultra ends require minimum 1.5 inch i.d. rings. Undersized rings damage ends and voids warranty.