Cyclops Marine

Smartlink² - Titanium Wireless Load Sensor

RRP £997.20 ~ £3442.80


Endless Potential Applications

smartlink² takes the versatile smartlink sensor to a new level of connectivity, durability and practicality.

Live Data To Your Phone Or Instruments

Static & dynamic load data to your phone via the smartfittings app, or to your on-board instruments via our gateway.

smartlinks are wireless load sensors, manufactured in titanium to be the lightest, strongest and smallest load sensors onthe market. Designed in collaboration with leading race teams, smartlink will help you measure and repeat your fast settings every time.

How it works

Simply add inline of any ‘soft’ stay or sheet. Easily connect the sensor to your phone via the latest smartphone app or to marine electronics via optional smartfittings gateway for immediate load data.

Key Features

Simple to fit
Wireless Charging
Data available on smartphone app and Marine Electronics
Factory Calibrated
Cutting edge technology
Cost effective


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