Colligo Marine

Emergency Shroud 7mm Wire Kit

RRP £527.28


Temporary replacement for up to 7mm wire stays or shrouds. Easily stowable, light and will not corrode. Replaces up to 14m long shroud or stay. Just splice on one Line Terminator™ to the desired shroud length and lash both ends on with the provided lashing line. 



  • Kit Contains:
  • 1 unspliced, Line Terminator™
  • 55 ft, 7 mm, 15,000 lb Breaking Strength, Synthetic
  • 12 strand line (Colligo Dux) with a Terminator™ spliced on one end
  • 20 feet of lashing line for lashing both ends
  • 6 inch piece of chafe protection for spreader ends
  • Fids for splicing
  • Easy, water resistant, splicing instructions
  • Water resistant 15” x 12” x 3” package